About Kay Rogers

Kay Rogers was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her family lived in Deer Park where she attended St. Saviour Catholic school. During her freshman year in high school (1973) her family moved to West Chester where she attended Lakota and graduated in the top 10 in her class. She received a scholarship to Xavier university and graduated with a BSBA in accounting and graduated with honors.

Deeply committed to her community and realizing there was a lack of christian based exercise and sports programs, she became a founding member of the Lakota family YMCA and served as president during its initial start in a rented warehouse through the completion of the initial Yankee Road facility. Kay has six children (one with a disability) and was involved in her children’s school time volunteering for class and school activities.

In 1994 Kay was elected your Butler county auditor and consecutively elected to 3 additional terms. She was a rising star in the republican party and a threat because she was too female and too outspoken against the establishment of male dominated politics. Kay got into politics for all the right reasons, to help people and improve her community.

In 2011 Kay found herself a convicted felon as a result of lies, deceit and mis-characterization. Being backed into a corner, scared to death and without the financial resources to fight, she made the hardest decision of her life. A decision not to fight harder.

Well, she is here today announcing her run for the 8th congressional district of Ohio to represent you and improve your community. To make sure that what happened to her, doesn’t happen to you.