Kay Rogers is an asset in uncountable ways. She has a wealth of knowledge in the business world & is a workforce. Her advice for our business direction has helped through the hard times of the recession & during covid. Kay understands the balance of family, Christian values, and hard work. Kay is fiscally minded, wanting to help make this state to where it should be. She cares about helping people and making a positive impact for Ohioans.

Stephanie Binder Mullins
Monroe / Lemon Township

Kay Rogers hired me while I was in college and gave me an opportunity to progress through her business and develop the skills I needed in the business world to succeed. She believes in giving people the opportunities to showcase their abilities to improve themselves and become valuable members of her team and beyond.

Todd Berkely, Retired Coach
Liberty Township, Butler County

I have known Mary Kay Rogers for many years. Her conservative beliefs in term limits, government fiscal responsibility, limited government and secure borders are the values that I think our Representative in Congress should have.

Denny Hackett
West Chester

I have known and worked with Kay Rogers for over 20 years. Kay has a record of running the County government in an effective and efficient manner, putting the needs of taxpayers first. In these economic times we need a congresswoman who will continue fighting for the middle class—and Kay is that leader.

I strongly support Kay Rogers for Congress – District 8, because she has the most courage, integrity, honesty and character of all the candidates running. I know and trust Kay; she will make a truly great Congresswoman.

Christy Miller
CEO, BCL Enterprises

I am supporting Kay Rogers for Congress because I believe she is the best person to serve the people of the 8th Congressional District in Ohio. I have known Kay for 39 years. I believe her to be a woman of integrity. She is smart, she sees the big picture. She has always proven to be an elected official not a politician. What is unique about Kay is that she does not let her zeal for politics prevent her from performing the functions of government for her constituents.

Sandy Wheatley
Active member of the Butler County community for 39 years

You do not have to be former military to be a warrior. Kay Rogers is a proven warrior that will fight for you with common sense principles to represent the entire 8th Congressional district.

Ann Foust

Before becoming a high school Business and Technology educator I worked over 20 years in industry and small business ownership. I knew there was a disconnect between how these topics were taught and the reality of the business environment. I felt it was my role to bring business owners and leaders into the classroom to present the realities, challenge and opportunities students will face in their careers.

Having known Kay for 45 years I knew she would be the type of person who could reach out to my students. A unique benefit for the female students was engaging a community minded female business leader. Hearing her perspectives on the leadership roles women will play in their community, the workplace and as business leaders provided tangible benefits in my classroom.

Kay did an exceptional job of engaging all of my high school students. They found her experience as a business owner to have direct connections to their accounting and entrepreneurship classes.

She also felt it was very important for my students to understand the importance of their role in our society and being involved in their community. She talked about how to prepare themselves for leadership roles in industry, business ownership and how to avoid the common mistakes young professionals make when entering the workplace.

As an educator Kay was a great resource to me. I often called on her for perspectives on changes in the business and workplace environment. She was always ready to help in any way she could.

Tom Burklow
Business and Technology Educator – Retired
Monroe High School

I am writing this reference for a person for whom I would be proud to call my congress woman. I have known Kay Rogers for over ten years and believe she will zealously fight for the people’s interest. She is quick to put the interests of others before her own which is what we need from our politicians. We need someone who will take on the status quo and bring about change. As a first generation American I want to see my two boys grow up in a stronger, more unified nation and I believe Kay Rogers can help get us there. I will be supporting Kay Rogers in the 8th congressional district.

Reza Yazdian, J.D.
Butler County Resident


I can’t think of a better person to run for Congress than you! You have been great with helping me with my business and you say it like it is. You have never sugar coated or told me what I wanted to hear. Instead, you kept me grounded and help me create the business I have today. I know that you will not let the swamp get in your way. The good boy system will have no chance with you. You have my full endorsement.

Chad Oberson
Sales/Mergers and Acquisitions Manager
Oberson’s Nursery & Landscapes and GroundsPro

I am endorsing and supporting Kay Rogers for Congress in the 8th Congressional District in Ohio. I have known Kay for over 30 years. I worked with her in the Auditor’s office and while I was at the Board of Elections in Butler County. Kay is dedicated to listening to the people she is serving. She is a born leader and will stand up for us in Washington D.C. She will bring a change to the gridlock we have experienced over the last several years.

Join me in voting for Kay Rogers in the Republican Primary on March 19th. It is time for a change.

Lynn Kinkaid
Retired Director of Butler County Board of Elections

There is no better candidate for the District Eight seat in Congress than Kay Rogers.  I have known Kay for over forty years and know her to be a woman character and integrity.  Her experience as a businesswoman, county official, and single mother of six have prepared her to serve the district well.

Marti Spiess
Retired Educator