Kay’s concerns for our country:

  1. The Border – We have the laws already in place for a path to citizenship, they need to be enforced and the judicial process has to be expedited.
  2. The government should be required to balance the federal budget just as every tax paying American is required to do once a year.
  3. Term Limits – your current congressman, Warren Davidson, put forth a bill in 2017 limiting elected congressmen or women to a 6 years total. He will be in his 8th year in June of 2024.
  4. The criminal justice system is being weaponized and turning investigation into tools to destroy political opponents. Kay knows this first hand, it’s what happened to her.
  5. To help re-establish America as the leader of the free world is important to our national security and our fiscal health as a nation. America as a leader is better for the world, not just us here at home.